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Hot drinks boiler double-walled

  • Insulated double-wall polished stainless steel structure reduces heat loss through conduction, convection and radiation
    Thermostatic temperature control adjustable up to 110°C
    Up to 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to similar single-walled boilers
    Body and tank made of stainless steel
    Maintenance-free heating element under the tank
    Parts can be easily disassembled to facilitate cleaning
    Welded stainless steel handles with silicone grip
    Anti-drip tap
    Glass water gauge
    Descaling indicator
    Dripping tray with stainless steel grid
    Not suitable for chocolate milk
Art Nr liter V W mm
211403 9,0 230 2200 Ø241x(H)480
211502 18,0 230 2200 Ø288x(H)602
  • Energy saving product
  • Stainless Steel


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