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Ingredient trolley

  • Useful in any large kitchen to store, transport and quick measure of quantities of dry food such as: flour, sugar, salt, groats, rice.
    One-piece, solid and sturdy polyethylene structure.
    Rounded corners and smooth inner walls are ideal for easy cleaning.
    Guides located in the upper, inner part of the trolley permit the comfortable fitting of the scoop.
    Transparent polycarbonate lid for easy identification or product type and quantity.
    Four wide, rubber wheels ø75 mm, including two castor wheels with brakes for easier transport.
    Ergonomic height of 71 cm ideal to put under a worktable.
Art Nr liter mm
877920 98 394x755x(H)735
  • New
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene


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