Descaler concentrate

Limescale builds up unnoticed in every appliance that uses water. Descale regularly and keep your water boiler, coffee machine, dishwasher and washing machine in perfect condition.
Removes limescale with ease.
For all appliances that use water.
Easy to apply, only cold water needed.
Based on citric acid and highly concentrated.
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Descaler concentrate
Highly concentrated, based on citric acid for the effective decalcification of hot water devices, coffee and washing machines, boilers, stainless steel pots and tiles. 1 liter bottle, dosage 100-200 ml per 1 liter of cold water. Use regularly to keep your appliances in perfect condition, and prevent replacement costs.
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Series Descalers
Brand Hendi
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Intrastat code 34022090
EAN 8711369976760
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