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 Design by Robert Bronwasser 

Robert Bronwasser & HENDI team up:

Design must be functional and bring a smile!

HENDI teamed up with Dutch industrial designer Robert Bronwasser to redesign our products to create the best Tools for Chefs. For over a year Robert, his team and HENDI have been working on this massive project.

Robert Bronwasser is a renowned Dutch industrial designer who has worked for recognisable brands. Most notable are Heineken and Lipton. His designs have won numerous awards.

Design with a smile!
Robert started with analysing our products and how they met the needs of the users. His findings were clear, ‘Chefs want control over their tools, they want to be able to see what setting a machine has from the other side of the kitchen. They prefer manual buttons over digital and it must be usable with wet hands. They also like design but it should always be functional.’

With this in mind Robert presented his first sketches and models. The freshness and decisiveness in the design immediately grabbed the attention. The knob, our most recognisable element, was toned down with a textured surface for extra grip and a highly visible green line, so it’s always clear how appliances are set.

Next to the knobs and grips Robert worked on designing a stick blender, chef’s torch and a range of hot drink boilers and percolators. The results exceeded the expectations again. Especially the range of boilers and percolators don’t look out of place on a buffet. With the sleek design, matt black finish and a clever mix of stainless steel and plastic a timeless classic is created.

Designed by Robert Bronwasser

Enjoy everyday design

Robert Bronwasser recently presented his book 'Enjoy everyday design'. The coffee table book illustrates his way of working and gives a wonderful overview of his favorite realized designs and new concepts.

Designed as a stream of images and impressions where every page is different because, just like his designs, none of them are the same. This book not only provides a colorful overview of products designed by him, but also provides insight into his vision, inspiration and way of working.

Photography: Thomas van Schaik - www.thomasvanschaik.com