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HENDI: Tools for Chefs!

Chefs and food professionals rely on their tools. Without them, they can’t do their job or unleash their creativity. We’re always focussed on delivering quality and when needed, quick service. Food professionals can rely on us!

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Over 3000 products
HENDI is the supplier of kitchen appliances, kitchen tools ,buffet items,  tableware, bar tools and barbecues for the hospitality industry. Since the start in 1934, HENDI has grown into an international company with offices and warehouses in The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong.

The core activities of HENDI are development, production, sales and distribution of a wide range of catering equipment and supplies.

The range consists of more than 3000 items that are specifically put together for the professional market. Whether it are kitchen essentials or specific items, HENDI can offer a total package in every situation.

The product range includes coffee makers, deep fryers, buffet items, electrical and gas appliances, small kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, porcelain and cutlery.