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Design with a smile by Robert Bronwasser

Growing collection of exclusive Tools for Chefs  

Robert Bronwasser is passionate about designing functional products. We are focused on creating the best and most functional Tools for Chefs. This natural synergy between Robert and HENDI results in a growing collection of products that perfectly combine form and function. The latest of which is the Iconic Milkshake Mixer. 

“Good design is about more than form and function. It’s about combining attributes to ensure a product truly adds value. That’s why all my designs are based on these five principles. – Smart, Modest, Iconic, Logical and Enjoyable” – Robert Bronwasser

After the Stick Blender, Chefs Torch, Percolators, and Hot drink boilers, we recently launched the new Iconic Milkshake Mixer designed by Robert Bronwasser. A prime example where form and function go side by side. The modern shape stands out on any counter while the functionality is up there with the best milkshake mixers in the market.

We are fully aware that chefs strive to deliver the best, and this inspired Robert to pour all his heart into designing this collection. Together creating the best Tools for Chefs, so Chefs can deliver the best experience to their guests. We're still in the beginning of our collaboration, and we hope to surprise you again very soon.

Enjoy HENDI's Tools for Chefs designed by Robert Bronwasser!

                                            Photography: Thomas van Schaik (www.thomasvanschaik.com

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